Part 1 – Personal/Fun Activities:


Now that the snow has been falling for a while (or as some would put it, the frozen tears of accountants thinking of the near future) and busy season is almost upon us, I thought it would be a good idea to do a three part series to share some of the things that I try do to before busy season arrives to make my life easier.  Hopefully at least one person (well I hope more than that but let’s set the bar low) will find this helpful and make the adjustment to make work a little less like pulling teeth and a little more like petting a fluffy kitten.

One of my favorite things to do prior to the annual busy season kick off is go on vacation to a warmer place.


Not only is it a great idea to relax and recharge, but it always feels great to get that last bit of sunshine in before the clutches of Buffalo’s winter smother us into an icy pulp while we stare out at a frozen tundra. Now I know that this is likely coming a little too late for most people given that we are a couple weeks out from busy season so please forgive me but I have been busy with a little one at home.  Also, I have never been an auditor but from what I have seen in the past, the time for vacations has zoomed past you like a falling box of inventory off of the top rack.

So now let’s say you are someone who loves the winter because of either winter sports or snowmobiling.  I would definitely recommend getting out into the fresh powder to your hearts delight while you still can.  For those of you who are new to busy season, the majority of places basically force (they may say they are optional, but have fun mentioning to part of management you won’t be in) you to work Saturdays (The Kane Firm is excluded here) and Sundays you are generally too tired/busy to get out.  Therefore I would not recommend that you expect your skiing skills to stay the same over the coming years.  As a professor in college put it – “Be leery of the accountant who is a great skier.”  Now whether that is accurate or not is neither here nor there.

The next two things to do go hand in hand.  They are: enjoying the holidays and spending time with your family. 


Whether it is going to parties, hanging out with friends, or just getting out, it is always a welcome relief and something that you quickly realize you don’t really have the energy or time to do in the doldrums of busy season.  This is especially true if you are friends with your accountant buddies from college.  Pretty much write them off until after busy season as trying to mesh schedules I have found is nearly impossible.

My last tip is: BUY A SNOWBLOWER!



Don’t be like me and think prior to busy season that “Boy, it will be great exercise to just shovel it.  I will enjoy getting out into the fresh air.”  Because I can almost guarantee you, this is what is going to happen: You get 3-5 inches of snow overnight and you just don’t have time in the morning before you go because you were staring at a computer screen until all hours of the night and forgot to look at the weather before going to bed. Then you come home and are like “Ehh.  There isn’t much snow, I don’t need to shovel it” because you are tired from work. Before you know it, you have 8 inches of packed snow/ice in your driveway and if you get a foot of snow you are stuck spinning your tires into oblivion. You begin questioning your life decisions all while frantically shoveling in your work clothes to just end up getting stuck in rush hour traffic.


By: Andrew Ziolo, CPA 

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