About The Kane Firm

Our Mission

As a service provider, The Kane Firm’s mission is to partner with clients to increase business owner wealth and organizational effectiveness. We take a holistic approach to serving you. When you need taxes or year-end statements prepared, chances are, that’s just the tip of your financial iceberg. The many aspects of your financial life are interconnected; we serve you best by offering support and guidance for all of it.

As an employer, The Kane Firm’s mission is to provide a unique work experience for public accounting professionals. We consider our people to be a critical asset in delivering the unique services we provide to our clients. We are dedicated to fostering a work culture that encourages life/work satisfaction, provides a platform to develop careers, and offers opportunities to lead and develop the direction of the firm.

Our Values

Accountability. A process of identifying and solving problems, as well as keeping personal commitments.

Quality. We strive to provide the best possible service to our clients by not only completing the job correctly and efficiently, but always looking to add value and a unique perspective for our clients.

Collaboration. All stakeholders creatively share ideas and knowledge to create new knowledge with others. Given the complex and ever-changing nature of the accounting industry, this is a necessary element for The Kane Firm to sustain future success.

Honesty and Integrity. Honesty and Integrity are at the crux of building strong, trustful relationships inside and outside of the firm. We align our words with thoughtful actions.

Respect. We value diversity and draw on different strengths, ideas, experiences and talents of people. We take the time to understand the perspective of others.

Life/Work Satisfaction. The Kane Firm encourages employees to achieve a healthy life/work balance for their quality of life as well as the overall health and success of our practice. We take care to understand that the components to achieve this balance are unique to each employee.