A long-term client was interested in investing in a business opportunity. He had his eye on an attractive long-term business purchase. The seller was having difficulty selling due to a combination of unreasonable price and terms expectations. Several potential buyers were interested prior to our client, but were unable to reach agreement with the seller.


The Kane Firm acted as chief advisor to the buyer from offer strategy to contract negotiation and initial transition. After performing careful due diligence, we suggested key provisions to include in the contract and systems to put in place to ensure the future profitability of the business.


We proposed an out-of-the-box purchase structure that accommodated the seller’s needs and benefited our client from a tax standpoint while maintaining tax compliance.

We patiently proved the validity of the deal structure to the seller’s old-style professionals and addressed financial issues raised by the seller’s attorneys with carefully crafted contract language.

After closing, we closely worked with internal personnel to implement systems that were legally compliant and provided efficient control mechanisms for producing reliable financial metrics.


With The Kane Firm acting as chief advisor, our client was able to close the deal where others had been unable.

Since the buyer was confident in The Kane Firm’s implementation and monitoring of financial reporting and fraud controls, he is now able to focus on his core competency – buying and selling product.