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Consider: Receivables from Large Corporate Customers


We have a fast update on what we are hearing globally for you to judge if and how it may impact your business.

We corresponded with the director of finance of a multinational healthcare company today. They are bending over backward to get payments out to critical vendors to make sure services continue to flow uninterrupted during this critical period.  I suspect noncritical vendors are waiting for their payments.

US government action on the proposed stimulus MAY loosen bank credit limits for US companies.   It will take time to know if government action (in the form of business loans) can keep major companies from further slowing their payments.

In a perfect world, you can send a message to your customer contacts in large companies to make sure you make it on their “critical list” to mitigate slow payments.  Your feedback on what you are seeing would be appreciated.


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The Kanes

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