Surviving the Tax Season!

Here at The Kane Firm, we are always looking for new ways, both large and small, to relieve stress and squeeze out a few smiles during tax season.  

This year, Danielle and Courtney, our firm coordinators, designed survival kits for each employee.  


Included in our kits were:

  • Stress & Fidget Toys – An outlet for any ‘ants in the pants’.

  • A Box of each Employee’s Favorite Hot Beverage Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, etc. 

  • Lotion We all know how drying winter and tax season are!

  • Personal Bottle of Tylenol For any aches and pains.

  • Hand Sanitizer Keeping winter germs to a minimum! 

  • Coupons for 1 Lunch & 1 Dinner on The Kane Firm Sometimes you just need a quick bite during a long tax day.

  • “Not It Card” A one time only  get out of jail NOT IT CARD for the 2016 season. Expires on 4/18/18.

  • Rubber-band A reminder to be flexible.

  • Eraser A reminder to start every day with a clean slate.


What does your firm do to battle tax season blues?

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